V.A.U.L.T. – Bible Study Printable

vault header Have you ever been stumped on how to study the Bible or where to start? Or maybe you're just looking for a different perspective on what you're reading. If so, V.A.U.L.T. may be what you're looking for! V.A.U.L.T. is a 5 step approach to reading and studying the BIble by breaking down a chapter and focusing on a key verse.  This way you're not taking in too much information and you can really focus in on what God is saying to you through the chapter you've read. Keep reading to find out exactly how it works.  You can also click here to get the printable.  The printable includes instructions and a sheet that you can print off to write down each of your V.A.U.L.T. scriptures. V.A.U.L.T. Instructions The printable can be printed as many times as you like, for every scripture that you use V.A.U.L.T. with.   V.A.U.L.T. Printable write I hope this helps with your Bible studies! Please let me know how it goes! Angela

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